We are True Vintage

Top row (left to right): Jack, Simon, Mark, Ben

Bottom row (left to right): Guy, Bruno, Rory

About us/ Meet the Team

Welcome to True Vintage! We are the UK’s leading online vintage clothing retailer.

Since we opened our store we have sold some of the most iconic pieces from brands such as Adidas, Nike, Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger and more, as well as providing a range of accessories from Timex and Chained & Able.

Introducing you to our team making things happen behind the scenes! From left to right you have Jack, Simon, Mark, Ben. The three fine specimens at the bottom are Guy, Bruno and Rory. Together we are True Vintage! We all bring our own strengths to the table, whether it be photography, marketing, events or sourcing you the finest garments.

The team first met after attending university together and a mutual love for vintage clothing. Moving quickly from Rory’s humble beginnings of founding and running the operation out of his university house in 2013, we have all since moved on to the big smoke where we now have a dedicated office and warehouse south of the river.




Founder and creator of True Vintage. Rory is the mastermind behind the company and is responsible for the continued success of the website as well as new clothing brand – True.



Older brother of Rory and first onboard, Guy is the self-proclaimed head of creative strategy and our very own in-house professional photographer.



A.k.a Jeff. Jeff is a ruthlessly efficient employee and prides himself on quality control. He can reply to your e-mail before you’ve even sent it.



Ben joined the company in 2017 after continued growth called for a workforce expansion. Ben is also one of the founding members of Concrete Music, a DJ collective running events across the UK. Keep your eyes peeled for some exciting TV x Concrete collaborations in the near future.


Mark and Jack

Having only recently joined the party in May 2017, Mark and Jack have just graduated university together. Jack specialises In advertising and marketing with the aim of bringing more of our garments to our overseas customers. Mark will be launching our new online blog and exploring new creative avenues for the business. Stay tuned!



Completing the team we have Simon – our newest addition to the family. Amongst other things, Simon is the new face behind our social media channels, keeping you up to date with our latest stock, news and competitions.